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What happens is that the throttle in the throttle valve may close automatically, and if the driver presses the accelerator pedal too hard, the valve suddenly opens and gives the car a small speed boost. ... Throttle position sensor location. The throttle position sensor is located on the throttle body since it is measuring the angle of the ...
Crankshaft Position Sensor Replacement Cost. Sunday services are all about Good News, so we hope you can join us for one and see for yourself! $545.89 Used. 6 Signs of a Bad Accelerator Pedal Sensor (Replacement Cost) 7 Comments. Camshaft Position Sensor. Reply. MB c 220 cdi 2007 150hp t model Abs, esp.
At 1A Auto, we make shopping for a replacement accelerator pedal position sensor for your car, truck, SUV or van easy - we're here to help you select the right part for your vehicle! Call our customer service toll free at 888-844-3393 if you have any questions about our sensors, warranty, compatibility or to purchase, or you can buy online.
Replace and Initialize the Accelerator Pedal Position (APP) Sensor on a 2002 Infiniti I35.For more information on RepairSolutions® and available promotions, ...
Accelerator pedal position sensor (379) / 9-3 / 2007 / 2. Engine / 4-cylinder diesel / EDC 16 engine management system / Location of components / Accelerator pedal position sensor (379) Accelerator pedal position sensor (379) Location: on pedal bracket Related Articles Crimp J275, adapter harness EDC16 Crimp J278, EDC16 adapter harness